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Goods elevator services

[Goods Lift] - As the name implies, this one object is used as a mandatory component as a tool for the smooth operation of a company / industry, mainly used by builds and high-rise buildings. Its use is of course as a means of transporting goods from the initial floor to the destination floor. The role and presence of these freight elevators is very important, especially for large-scale production companies.
Of the various types and brands of lifts, which are recommended for use are those that have SNI reliance, because they are superior in terms of security, strength to capacity. Speaking of the capacity / capacity of the elevator, each elevator has its own capacity, from 500 kg to 2,000 kg. Therefore, always use the elevator in accordance with its maximum capacity, so that it can provide a maximum level of security.
If you want to find a freight elevator installation service, here is the place because we have high quality standards (exceeding SNI standards). The transport lifts that we provide not only excel in security features, but also excel with large capacity capacities. Not only that, we also guarantee if the usage of each unit we offer is truly quality. Which we prove this by providing a guarantee period of up to 1 year.
The quality of each elevator unit that we have, including the following:
• Additional emergency brake feature that is enabled to prevent the basket of lifts from falling when the wire rope line has a problem
• Not just one, the freight elevator from us uses two types of wire rope at the same time, making it safer and more controlled
• Inside there is also a counter weight or load balancer, which also functions as a saver for electricity consumption
• Security has also been added to the elevator door
• There are two limit switches placed at the top & carry. The point is to keep the items from moving when the elevator is being operated
We have refined the limit switch component with the final limit swich top-down, which is used to stop the elevator operation when the limit switch component fails
Not only the quality quality aspect of our freight elevator, because we have added it with a variety of important components that are used to make the security system conducive, given that the elevator is not only a basket used to transport goods, but the people who operate Its performance also cannot escape the supervision of the security system. Thus, anyone becomes happy and comfortable after using our cargo lift / freight elevator installation service.

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